Aaron Bosshardt: Turning the Tide in Florida

Aaron Bosshardt

Aaron Bosshardt

I’ve lived in Florida most of my life and I’ve done business as a Florida REALTOR® for the past 18 years.  In that time our family company has evolved from a boutique residential brokerage into a Real Estate corporation that brokers both residential and commercial real estate. We have also built a property management subsidiary that manages single family homes, multi-tenant office buildings, medical space, shopping centers, apartments, condominium and homeowner associations.

It didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen without education and training. In the late ‘90’s, in order to grow our residential property management division, we stepped outside the then Florida Association of REALTORS® (FAR).  Our small family owned property Management Company wasn’t making any money and it felt like REALTORS® frowned on property management. Yet, as a second generation REALTOR® in a family business, I thought I could make my mark by turning our Property Management Company into a profit center.

To be perfectly honest with you I learned everything I know about single family rentals from the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). In 2000, I was recruited to this group by a property management instructor that asserted, “…two designations in real estate that actually make you money are the CPM® (Certified Property Manager®) and the CCIM® (Certified Commercial Investment Member).” It was because of this moment I obtained my CPM® Designation through the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) in 2010.  This is where I learned everything there is to know about commercial property and asset management.

I have watched the Florida REALTORS®, then FAR, get more and more involved with commercial and property management through the years.  In 2007 it seemed more reactionary as REALTORS® turned to Property Management during the economic downturn to stay in business.  That’s ok, we often start great things in reaction to our environment.



In August realtor, at the Florida REALTORS® Annual Convention, I was in awe with the proactive steps committed to commercial members and property managers.  On Sunday, August 25, the Florida REALTORS® Board of Directors unanimously voted to add a seat on the executive council for each affiliate institute. This means that property managers and REALTORS® who practice commercial real estate will now be in a position to discuss and make policy for the Florida REALTORS®.  Collaboration is an often overused buzzword these days, but REALTORS® in Florida are now living it. Thanks again to the Leadership team at Florida REALTORS®. If my children one day want to be a REALTOR® and perhaps learn about Property Management, Commercial Brokerage or any real estate profession I am now confident that NAR and the Florida REALTORS® will have the answers they need.

The leadership teams at NAR and the Florida REALTORS® have shown amazing vision making sure that REALTORS® become The Voice of All Real Estate.

I left Orlando prouder to be a REALTOR® than ever before.

Aaron Bosshardt currently serves as the Chairperson of the Children’s Home Society of Mid Florida and the President of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Chapter 60. You can read the most recent coverage about him in the Gainesville Sun by clicking http://bit.ly/XybpaO

29. August 2013 by Jorge Rivera
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  1. Great blog Aaron! We are fortunate to have you leading the charge here at Bosshardt.

  2. Aaron,

    That was a well written piece and we are all very proud of how far you have come in such a short time. You and your mom have made Bosshardt Realty Services the number one Real Estate company in Gainesville and I am happy to call myself a Bosshardt Realty Services Realtor. We are truly changing the state of Real Estate in Gainesville, thanks to you. You have made Bosshardt Realty and Bosshardt Property Management the leaders of our industry by your vision and willingness to take chances. You have truly earned our respect and trust. Thanks!!

  3. I would like to say that working with Aaron and the Bosshardt team has been my best real estate experience since entering the real estate field in 2005. I can truly attest to the concern for people and our community through my own personal family situation. Aaron showed compassion and concern when he found out my husband job terminated him. He came to me and found out the situation, but it didn’t stop there he became a solution to the problem, my husband was offered a Job at Bosshardt Property Management. To this day Aaron doesn’t know how much that meant to our family. Aaron has shown great responsibility and character as a leader by leading by example. Aaron thank you for sshowing genuine care and concern fort the people you serve.

  4. I agree with Aaron’s perspective.

    Effective Property Management is an integral part of the Real Estate environment. Property values increase when potential investors are confident that the investments will be managed efficiently.

    Obviously, this benefits the Real Estate profession. More broadly, it benefits society, wherein the efficient utilization of resources is at the essence of the interface between economics and quality of life for the general population.

  5. Aaron, is a Great Leader as well as a Great Mentor! I know that Aaron along with his mother(Carol Bosshardt) have a great spirit as well as a genuine desire to help others. Bosshardt gave my wife a position when we first move here to Gainesville close to three years ago and gave me a platform to shine upon in my Real Estate career! Congratulations Aaron Bosshardt and the Bosshardt Family!

  6. Great words from you Aaron, keep turning the tides, we stand with you and we support your vision.
    Thanks for growing great companies and relationships in the Real Estate World

  7. Aaron:

    Great post! I actually signed up with NARPM at the convention this year, so that my Property Management business could improve. I have always believed that property management goes hand in hand with residential real estate. Through our Florida Realtors Leadership Academy this year, I have learned so much about how the organization works and the strength of the leadership team there. I too have never been more proud to call myself a Realtor, as I have this past year.

  8. Yes, Aaron, the move of the FR Leadership Team and BOD to include Council Presidents in the FR Executive Committee starting 2014 is an exciting and sensible one. I hope to see you in those meetings next year God willing. You will make great contributions, I don’t doubt it!

  9. Aaron,

    Thank you for sharing how you have evolved within the REALTOR family and how it has helped you grow as a leader. It is great to see those that practice commercial real estate and property management having a voice within Florida REALTORS. This will help combat the stigma that REALTOR associations primarily represent only those that buy and sell single family homes.

    Great job!

  10. This is an encouraging read for a rookie like myself to know that I have chosen an innovative brokerage that is open to growth and opportunity.

  11. Great insight Aaron. You are definitely leaving your mark on the real estate industry and our Florida Realtors® Leadership Academy. Thank you for sharing your forward thinking attitude!

  12. GREAT job Aaron! thank you for your leadership!

  13. Very proud of my good friend and fellow CPM! Aaron is a dynamic individual and proud of his accomplishments.

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