REALTORS® Relief Foundation Hurricane Sandy Donations

Logo of Realtors Relief FoundationDuring the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Orlando NAR collected donations to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation (RRF) for Hurricane Sandy disaster assistance. At a member forum at the conference, NAR President Moe Veissi announced that NAR would match members’ donations up to $500,000.  Moe later wrote on

“As REALTORS®, we help build and maintain communities. We aren’t just there when the time comes to buy or sell a home. We are there during periods of need as well. Now—in the wake of Hurricane Sandy—is one of those occasions.

It will take more time to know the full impact of Hurricane Sandy, but the devastation in the mid-Atlantic is widespread. I personally have contacted the state associations in New York, New Jersey, and all the affected areas. At this point, we know that more than 8.2 million homes and businesses lost power in the United States because of Sandy, and there is a significant loss of life attributed to this deadly storm.

For more than 11 years, the REALTORS® Relief Foundation has been dedicated to providing housing-related assistance to victims of disasters. Without a doubt, there are many, many families out there who need our help now. If you can spare even a small amount, now is the time to make that commitment. A little bit can go a long way when we all give.

So please, follow your heart and reach out a helping hand to those in need.”

You can make a donation today to Hurricane Sandy victims through the REALTORS® Relief Foundation.

The REALTORS® Relief Foundation distributes one hundred percent of all funds collected to disaster relief causes. The funds are distributed on an “as-needed” basis by the Foundation’s Directors. The Foundation cannot guarantee donors that donations made in response to a particular disaster will be used for that specific disaster, but the Foundation does guarantee all donors that one hundred percent of their donation will be used for an appropriate disaster relief effort.

For the RRF, REALTORS® have raised and successfully distributed over $23 million in its 11 year history with the grants going directly to victims of disasters to provide immediate & temporary housing related assistance – that’s the mission and focus.  In many disaster situations, RRF checks have been the first forms of aid victims have received.  Because the RRF guarantees that 100% of each donation will go directly to the victims, we do not give our funds to other charities to further distribute.  The majority of charities take administrative fees out of each donation and the final net amount that ultimately reaches the victim is usually less than the original amount donated.   For Sandy, we’ve raised $1.9 million since the beginning of November and have already sent help to 200 members who have been impacted by this superstorm.  There are many more RRF will be assisting in the coming weeks.
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04. December 2012 by Wayne Grohl
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  1. As a realtor who has been displaced from my home by Sandy, I applaud the effort, but your final disclaimer is disappointing. In fact, it would cause me to look elsewhere to find a relief effort that will use the money I give to help the people who need it immediately.

    Why not give the money donated to an organization that’s equipped to do that? In this most recent case, Occupy Sandy has proven to be the most effective distributor of aid. Identify the relief effort that’s coordinating help most effectively, then give the donations to them.

  2. It is so amazing to me how many people, organizations, associations rally together when disaster hits us. I was a victim of Hurricane Isabel as it wound down to tropical storm status in 2003 and wiped out the rental I was living in with my children after separation of a 20 year marriage. I was in awe of the generosity of complete strangers, friends and family, all of whom helped me land on my feet. I am actually in a better place and consider that disaster a true blessing in disguise. That is my hope for all of the people who are affected by Sandy – that they realize this, too, at some point. In the meantime, glad the help is there for them and glad to be part of NAR.

  3. So proud to work in an industry that builds community all over the country. While the individual sales are local, we see that when any community is in need, all others join in to rebuild. After Katrina, our state board sent a large crew to Louisianna to help rebuild, I was lucky to be part of that team.

  4. How wonderful that this organization helps all throughout the country. Makes me feel like I am helping in some small way though I am not there.

  5. It is times like these that we show our true American spirit. I’m glad that NAR has a foundation that allows us to consolidate our funds to really make a difference. I have been involved in our local association and mls boards for several years and we always vote to send a donation. Even though we are a relatively small board, with the foundation in place we feel like we are part of making a big difference.

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  7. Have chosen to contribute to a local group that brought direct aid to those in need from Sandy, however I have applauded NAR in its efforts to help those in need. We are builders in this industry and through these efforts rebuilders too.

  8. Glad to hear NAR is contributing with the efforts of rebuilding after hurricane SAndy. Realtors are aleays on the front line of getting housing back in place.

  9. For those who are unaware, as referenced above, you can also lobby your Association of Realtors® Board of Directors to approve a donation through the NAR Relief Fund which will match the AOR’s donation up to $500K. I think AOR donations are now over $720K!

  10. Happy to know Realtors are actively involved in disaster assistance. I have been up till now sending my donations to the Red Cross as they are the only relief organization that I trusted. As you are probably aware the Haiti disaster was awash with phony organizations raising money that never reached the people it was intended to help.

  11. I’m happy to see NAR helping the people in need after Hurricane Sandy hit hard in NY and NJ. This what make us stand out coming together and helping people at the time of need. I’m proud of being part of this big group of people who cares. Thank you.

  12. It’s great to hear that NAR is contributing to the relief efforts. I know my company has contributed too, as well as contributing to many other community groups in need. What surprises me is that Realtors often are very involved in the community and charitable foundations but the general public has no idea. Not that I feel we, as a group, need to be publicly praised but I recently read that 50% of the American population views Realtors as low in honesty and ethics and just average in integrity. It would be nice if the public was more aware of all the “extracurricular” activities Realtors are involved in outside of the typical buying and selling of real estate. Kudos to all those who make the effort to go above and beyond!

  13. Glad to see that NAR and realtors nationwide are trying to help those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

  14. REALTORS are unique in a way whereby we have compassion and understand of the heart of both a business person, and families because real estate is a common factor, and the glue that keeps it all together. So it is only natural that we help those affected by damage to real estate. I love the passion…and this business! Keep up the good work!

  15. Thanks to the NAR for stepping up to the plate in this time of need!

  16. I am from New York City and have seen a lot of desaster first hand. I am really thankful for all the help and support eveyone including NAR, is offering us.

  17. I hope these checks provide the help storm victims need right now. It’s great to hear that funds are going directly to those who need it and that funds have already been received. So much help is needed to recover from this storm. I’m proud to be a Realtor for many reasons, and charitable efforts like this are one of them.

  18. It is very appropriate that we as Realtors support people when they lose their homes.

  19. It’s nice to see that as Realtors we are not only helping people sell and purchase properties but offering assistance in times of need.

  20. As realtors who work with real estate on a daily basis, we need to always remember we are often dealing with our clients’ most prized possession. We can certainly show we understand this by stepping to the forefront of volunteers who are will be help in tragedies like this one.

  21. Keep up the good work. Helping each other in times of need is one of the things that binds us together.

  22. As a realtor originally from the Jersey Shore area I am proud to be part of an organization so dedicated to rebuilding the economy in that area. Because of my connection to many of the people in NJ affected by Sandy I chose to donate directly, but I appreciate the national scale the NAR is able to provide to the efforts.

  23. I am happy and proud to be a part of this effort. Thank you for the resources you provide to helping others in their time of need.

  24. Realtors stepping up to help others is gratifying to see!

  25. I applaude for their efforts. As a native SW Floridian, I have been through far too many Trop Storms/Hurricanes to even mention, but I certain that it will be our turn again someday. Hopefully, the program is still around. Again, KUDO’s!!

  26. Living in the Midwest, it is hard to comprehend the scope of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. I am proud of the efforts put forth by NAR to help those impacted. Together we CAN make a difference.

  27. I was so saddened to see the devastation of the Jersey Shore where I spent so much time as a kid. I know things will get rebuilt but there is a loss there that will never be replaced. I’m happy to see NAR involved in helping to rebuild and support the people who have been devastated by this storm and the aftermath.

  28. Being a Realtor carries a lot of responsibility. We, as do many others have the awesome privilege to help serve and protect our communities. I am very proud to be a part of an organization that really cares about the communities we work and live in. I hope that NAR continues the relief efforts as it has done in the past and continue to touch the lives of the many in our communities. I also hope that in the future we consider partnering with the construction industry to possibly help rebuild homes or businesses for those effected by these disasters.

  29. I applaud any effort by the NAR and Realtors to help those in need.

  30. I think it is great that the NAR and Realtors alike are putting forth an effort to help hurricane victims. Well done.

  31. If everyone took the time to help someone out in this world maybe we could get more done in a shorter period of time. If I help you than we have 2 productive people instead of 1:) Simple concept that seems too hard to put to good use.

  32. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard of RRF until I attended 2012…my first NAR convention. Glad to know it’s there as I prefer spreading my charitable funds.

    I’m fairly diligent about reading NAR emails and I cannot recall an RRF topic in 5 years. I am certain I never received an communication direction from RRF.

    I’m subscribed to just about all the distribution. IMO, RRF needs a more aggressive “marketing plan.” Just my two sense. 🙂

  33. REALTORS are always there and ready to help when their communities and their REALTOR families communities are affected by these tragic incidents. NAR does a wonderful job helping to pull it all together for their members. The best way to help communities rebuild comes from its citizens.

  34. As a person who has to endure hurricanes all the time here in South Louisiana, I applaud NAR and Realtors who are helping the victims of Sandy in their recovery process. It’s always great to help your fellow person in their time of need because you never know when you may need some help. May God Bless You All.

  35. I like the fact that 100% of your donation goes to helping the victims of disasters. Well done.

  36. Great to hear NAR is contributing to rebuilding after hurricane Sandy!

  37. As someone who had friends and family affected by the storm, this is very much appreciated!

  38. Proud to be part of the NAR family. Thank You.

  39. Great to hear that NAR is helping out!!!

  40. This is awesome. Makes me proud to be apart of NAR!

  41. We need to realize to professionally reach out whenever possible to have possitive impact to those in need.

  42. I am very impressed that NAR and Realtors chose to be greatly involved in helping the victims of Sandy disasters- It sets a great example for other organizations to follow!

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