REALTORS® Conference And Expo 2013: Commercial Property Auctions

Jon Hjelm, ALC

Once again the 2013 REALTORS® Conference and Expo is right around the corner.  November 8-11 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center is where this year’s commercial real estate practice program is running to keep you up to date on the sector’s many trends, tools and tactics for success.

This year includes a session on auctions featuring a very unique pair of perspectives.  It can pay off to go beyond the usual listings and put in the work to find jaw-dropping bargains on all kinds of commercial property in all its sectors – land, office, retail, industrial, multifamily and specialty.  All find themselves on the auction block, and most are priced to move.  But finding the information about auctions in the commercial sectors is comparatively more difficult than in residential real estate.  Unique processes, customs and law apply, and all the  complicating factors that come with commercial property transactions aren’t any less prevalent in the auction arena.

Quentin Killian

Tapped to talk about this at the Expo are Jon Hjelm , ALC and Quentin Kilian in their talk “Real Estate Auctions: The Real Deal”.

Real Estate Auctions: The Real Deal

11/09/2013   |  09:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Location: Moscone Center, Rom 305

Property packaging and target marketing are key to both sides of the auction deal table, and Jon and Quentin have been there.  Don’t miss this unique and global perspective (Jon’s firm is based in Iowa and Quentin’s in Australia) at the Expo!


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Comments (41)

  1. Sounds interesting.

  2. A newbie to commercial and looking forward to learning more about it in San Francisco.

  3. I would love to capture information regarding The Real Deal. This would bring a huge value to investor clients looking to score a great buy at the auction block.

  4. Sounds very informative!

  5. There are so many opportunities with these commercial real estate auctions. It is worth the effort to attend the educational sessions to learn about them.

    It will give you an opportunity to put your clients in a better position to build a stronger cash flow and faster.

  6. I’m really bummed I won’t be able to attend – my sister even lives in SF and I could bunk for free!! Alas, not this year. Maybe next!!

  7. With commercial Real Estate showing more signs of life recently, the Commercial Real Estate Practice Program at the 2013 National Conference is a need of the times. Hope to be able to attend.

  8. I find that this Expo will be very helpful in finding the tools in order to easy access the Commercial Industry tools needed in helping clients find valueable reasonable properties.

  9. Sounds extremely interesting. Look forward to it.

  10. I commend NAR from bringing in speakers to address this important topic. To have access to information regarding commercial auctions will be an asset to my business. Thank you

  11. I’m seeing more and more residential properties being successfully auctioned in my market. Is that a new trend nationwide?

  12. I’m interested in getting more information about the auctions. Are there any websites you can refer me to that have such information?

  13. This seems like a very timely and informative session.

  14. I have been wanting to learn more about commercial real estate, because I have been in residential for 15 years. A expo like this could be the perfect environment.

  15. Sorry I can’t make NAR but auctions are of interest to me.

  16. Interesting article. I wish NAR would consider having a conference closer to the east coast as in NYC, or AC. It would help with recovery from Superstorm Sandy

    • Christian,
      I completely understand, as someone who grew up on the East Coast myself (CT). Next year, the annual conference is in New Orleans…a little bit closer. It moves around to different parts of the country, and we plan about 10 years out. Here’s a link to the future meetings calendar – and just remember, every year the Midyear Legislative Meetings, Capitol Hill visits and Trade Expo are held in Washington, DC.

  17. Will NAR be hosting webinars for continuous updates on Commercial real estate auctions?

  18. Nice Blog

  19. Sounds like a very informative session. Will try to attend.

  20. Wish I could attend! After 7 years as a realtor, I am in the middle of my first commercial deal!

  21. Glad to see more commercial real estate posts & news. Seeing more auctions too. Great topic!

  22. These sessions seem great, but cannot make it from the other coast. Hope some will be available online after the event…

  23. Commercial properties have been lagging behind the residential market. My expectation is that this trend will not continue much longer.

  24. Sounds Good

  25. We have had some in our market but not nearly as many as other areas.

  26. Would love to attend but I can’t make it this year. At least I got to the C.A.R. event in Long Beach, this year.

  27. I would be happy to assist sellers and buyers of commercial property in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area where the median selling price for all real estate is about 56% of the U.S. MSP.

  28. this should be a good one!

  29. I guess I didn’t realize that commercial real estate auctions are that hot of an item. I see research in my near future! Am hoping to branch out into commercial real estate so I can help some of my old friends.

  30. I look forward to learning more about auction opportunities!

  31. The Commercial Auction business in Middle Tennessee is making a comeback from previous years. We are beginning to experience auctions similar to the 2005 era.

  32. Too bad I can’t make this event! Sounds like a step towards the commercial side… Maybe next year.

  33. I am interested in learning more about commercial auction and NAR always gives us great speakers on current topics!

  34. Very interested in the Commercial Auction business and look forward to learning more about auction opportunities.

  35. Would love to attend but not on the calendar for this year.

  36. Finding information in the commercial market is difficult at best so it will be interesting to hear what and where information is available.

  37. Looking forward to attending some of the commercial sessions at the Annual

  38. There is so much to look forward to at San Francisco. I am very disappointed not to be able to go. I will make sure that I am there next year. Looking forward to the posts after the conference.

  39. I would love to start working in the commercial field down here in New Orleans. There’s a lot of of growth going on since Katrina and still a lot of abandoned commercial properties. Would be very interested in finding out more about the auctions.

  40. This should be an informative & interesting talk. Commercial real estate auctions seem to be under utilized in parts of the country.

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