NAR Member Discounts: Tech Deals From Dell, Lenovo, HP And More

NAR 2012 Realtor Benefits Partner CatalogLooking at your technology strategy in the coming year?  Commercial property professionals, take note. REALTOR Benefits® Program partners are offering special technology product pricing to NAR members.  Take a close look at the entire REALTOR Benefits® Partners catalog of offerings by downloading the 2012  catalog. 


  • Save up to 47% on Dell laptops, desktops, servers, workstations and select accessories/peripherals.
  • Buying through Dell also delivers key business benefits, including free technology consultation with an experienced small business advisor trained to recommend solutions tailored to needs, preferences and budget.
  • Dell offers REALTORS® special pricing on select business and home products, free US ground shipping,
  • To contact: click or call the dedicated NAR member phone number 1-800-757-8442. Mention the NAR Member ID# CS8569483


  • HP has offers with special pricing for NAR members on a select variety of laptops, desktops and printers.
  • Visit the HP site to shop now or call 1-800-888-8177 and mention code NAR1.
  • As always, NAR members also get free U.S. ground shipping and free assistance in choosing the right technology from a specially trained sales team, along with award-winning customer support.


  • Shop now and avoid the holiday rush. Save big on select Lenovo Thinkpad and IdeaPad laptops through Nov. 30. You’ll need to create an account in order to see the best deals. Sign-up is fast and easy. Once you’re in, use the following coupon codes:
  • Save 10-20 percent from Nov. 19-25 use coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY”
  • Enjoy more discounts from Nov. 26-30 use coupon code “CYBERMONDAY”
  • Additionally, enjoy Lenovo’s “You Pay What We Pay” employee pricing special offer, going on now through Dec. 31, 2012.


26. November 2012 by Wayne Grohl
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  1. Might look into this for the holiday

  2. Technology is one of the most powerful tools we have and can use as realtors to make our work more efficient and productive. Using technology and all the resources available for us in the NAR website, makes us a more professional and more respectful real estate agents in our daily job.
    By using technology wisely in our work, we not only impress clients and colleagues, we also save a lot of time, efforts and resources to better perform and improve our job.
    I deeply encourage all the realtors, to take a time and take a look at all the technological resources and tools we have to perform our work.
    If we use all technological resources we have in a properly way, I can assure anyone, we will double our productivity and will use our time the best way possible.

  3. So Dell is offering discounts to RE-LA-TORS? 🙂

  4. Great NAR benefit. I was looking for a laptop for my son!

  5. Thank You….. I really appreciate the offer and completely agree with Francisco

  6. I got a great deal on a Lenovo laptop with this discount for our association just a couple months ago. With a 1 TB HDD, I should be set for a while!

  7. I would go with the Lanovo offer, I have one and it has been a great machine!

  8. Thank you for this post! I really need to get my son a laptop—-I’m tired of sharing! This should help with the finances. Any deals or recommendations on tablets? I don’t want to be forced into getting an ipad, but they seem to have the best apps for realtors…true?

    • Hi Ann,

      I was wondering the same thing about iPad deals when I saw the benefits listing; I haven’t seen one yet. I don’t think it’s generally true that pads can do things laptops or desktops can’t – more often, it’s the other way around. The main benefit of pads is their form factor (aka shape and weight), but at some point, both a tablet and a laptop are computers that deliver their value by getting to the web. The web is where the data is, it’s where your clients are, it’s where the action is almost no matter how you get there!

      Thanks for reading!

  9. I’ve used it, but the discount was no where close to 47%. I just bought an Inspirion 2330 for my office use – so far I like it very much.

  10. Perfect Timing…I am in need of a new laptop!

  11. I think these benefits are great. I try to use them as much as I can.

  12. I think this is great…especially with Dell. As realtors we work so hard at what we do we deserve a break on the very things that we need for business! This is awesom!

  13. Thank you Florida Realtors for the great insights and Realtor deals. The courses and workshops offered have helped my business grow.

  14. I called Dell to ask about a tablet product. Not a great price break for this product, still looking before I make my decision on Dell tablet or IPad.

  15. The deals are not all out of this world, but they are better than nothing. Since most of us work for small companies, this does provide us comparable discounts as if we were working as employees for larger companies. I would be that most realtors are unaware of these discounts, so if those who aren’t using them would just start, they could save a ton of money!

  16. What a great Member Benefit we have with Lenovo computers. I searched and searched and this was the best pricing I could come up with on my new Lenovo laptop. Thanks for being a forward-thinking organization. I’m proud of my membership in NAR.

  17. Great benifit, Proud to be a member of NAR

  18. Just upgraded my All-In-One for the home office and got the newest Brother product. All I can say is, “Wow!” Worth every penny. Highly recommend it.

  19. How about some Apple deals…..the iPad is every Realtors’ dream & Apple appears to be interested in gaining more of the business market share.

  20. Wow! I will have to check into this! Thanks!

  21. Yes more Apple deals please!

  22. Many of the discounts and benefits, that NAR provides for us help make membership very worthwhile. This thread in this blog has some good deals to check out. Thank you NAR.

  23. As a new agent, I was sort of lost in the shuffle of choosing from all the latest technologies that could help my career…. until I tapped into all the resources that NAR offers its members. I’m happy to be a member of NAR.

  24. These are great options for realtors and others in the office. it allows individuals to keep pace with the ever changing technology at affordable prices. Appreciate NAR providing these options.

  25. Great benefit. Ordering laptop today! Thanks!

  26. The NAR Benefits are getting better all the time. Thanks NAR!

  27. This is a great benefit that is provided to us through our membership. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  28. Looking forward to getting a new laptop and NAR report.

  29. We switched to a online secure server for document storage, and have been using an online project management program for my construction company. We set up a on-site server in another company I owned, but don’t think I would ever go that way again.

  30. My monitor has been getting worse with ‘squiggles’ so this is the enticement I needed to get a new one!

  31. Great benefits and NAR report to boot. What could be better?

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