Marketing Medical Office Buildings With Video

The overlap between health care and commercial real estate is a special territory that requires traditional broker/agent/manager skills be directed and shaped to serve the needs of medical practitioners.  Doctors on both the buy and the sell side of medical office property deals stand on unfamiliar ground as they feel the pressure of medical consolidation and other trends in health care in a post-Affordable Care Act world.  Real estate professionals need to know how to help.

Delaware County, PA brokers Jacobs Realty Group seem to have a handle on the problem.  I recently noticed their video promoting brokerage services to the medical office building marketplace and thought they had hit it out of the park.   It’s an example of great success in messaging to this unique market.

Breezy without being cloying, informal without being useful, and fully aware of the office property challenges many doctors face.  Not too short, not too long and so ideal for social media.  If you ask me, medical office property marketers across the country could take a tip from their example.


20. September 2013 by Wayne Grohl
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  1. good article.

  2. What a great idea! They really did hit it out of the ball park. I would use their services in a second if I were in their market. Great job, and thanks for sharing. We can all learn from this.

  3. The video example in the blog was quick and easy to watch. It was certainly more powerful than a static promotional piece that’s viewed by the audience as “one of many” instead of “one of one”. The success of YouTube proves that people find it easier to watch than to read.

  4. Interesting. In our local area we obviously use videos of our listings for marketing purposes, nice twist to use for potential clients and could be adapted for other properties. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Very well done! I wonder how much it cost to produce this slick little number? Finding reasonably priced production companies in our market can be an issue.

  6. Great marketing idea. The simplicity of the presentation keeps your attention on the message. Kudos!

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