Commercial Property Software Tools: Which Ones Do You Want Reviewed?

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Whether for an agent/broker, a property manager/rep or for an association/MLS, the list of software tools made for us only grows every quarter. Naturally, we have value-added nationwide listings at Beyond that, we are inundated with tools to learn about and manage things in the commercial property market. We have prospecting tools, listings managers, property management tools, social media applications, mobile applications, and themed database searches just to name a few.

When it comes to software tools, what we need are professional demos.  We need that all-important chance to see the software do its thing in the hands of a experienced pro, to go beyond the “brochureware” websites and the sales pitches. To demonstrate what it’s like to be a user, to showcase the strengths and spell out any weaknesses of a given software product.  To spotlight what it means to add a particular tool to your arsenal.  To spot ahead of time what the “best practice” is for your user market segment – Agent/Broker, Property Manager, Association/MLS.

It’s a big software universe out there.  What’s got you curious?  What’s at the top of your list?  Let us know what kind of commercial property market software tool you’re interested in reviewing and we’ll make it happen, right here at The Source.

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22. February 2012 by Wayne Grohl
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  1. You should run a comparison of LoopNet, CoStar, and CommercialSource. NAR should make a run at making commercialsource the realtor friendly data base. Also, look at loopnet’s mobile app. It allows me to use my phone gps and the app to find listed property in area I am standing. This is extremely helpful when on a showing. A similar app thru commercialsource would be great.

    commercialsource should have an app with mobile access market data. Vacancy rates, average rental rates, location of a commercial realtor. Again a great showing tool.

  2. I am looking for a compreheisive review of all viable Commercial Real Estate CRM software including hosted such as Salesforce (REThink is an add on app I am considering, REA, ACT for Commercial Real Estate…

  3. I would like to see what financial evaluation software is available for Multi-Family apartment buidlings, 5+ units?

  4. Our small to mid-size firm is also evaluating CRM software, but we want a Cloud-based system. We’ve spent considerable time evaluating REThink, REA, ACT, RealHound and Salesforce.

  5. I agree with both Randolph and Paul. I was thinking about REA. I’ve taken a look at the demo and it appears to be very functional especially for commercial practitioners. I’ve looked at ACT for CRE and it appears to be ok but not too sure about it because it runs on the ACT platform. I found the basic ACT software to be too time consuming when customizing it for commercial real estate use. And in regards to Paul’s comment. RealData, PlanEase, and REI are three applications I would like to see tested. All three are usefule in performing financial evaluations on multifamily and other asset types.

  6. I’m with Mr. Taylor in first post. Commercial CRM packages would be a great review. There is a reasonably narrow offering with different price points. These are very important to practitioners and finding the right tool to manage the deals, clients and projects can be the one tool that makes it all work.

    Financial analysis software for different sized users would be another good one.

    Lastly, commercial marketing sites to list/adverise properties would be good.

  7. I would like to see a review of commercial real estate website providers, the related IDX functions, social networking, blogs, etc.. etc…

  8. I would like to see reviewed. It is a Targeted Site Submittal on-line service.

  9. I’m shopping around for property management software now and I think we’ve been leaning towards RealPage (… But we were also considering Buildium and Yardi- I’d love to see some comparisons, pros and cons between a few software options.

  10. You should review AscendixRE ( It is used by the leading CRE firms and uses the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform

  11. Responding to Bruno (Comment 9) about comparing property management software. There is a complete global lack of publications and websites who carry out independent tests or comparative analysis on Real Estate business software. Annoyingly virtually every product in the market is sold by the manufacturers.
    But, help is at hand. There are 3 known Consultancies around the globe who are independent in their software selection for your requirements and each will set out the pros & cons.
    Redirect Consulting in NY, TopUp Consultants in the UK and Loci Solutions in Australia.
    Hope this helps!

  12. I am looking for the software that is most commonly used by commercial real estate brokers for preparing their marketing packages. Can someone help?

  13. Can somebody share their experience of using AscendixRE?

  14. Checkout LeaseMatrix – – it’s a great web-based commercial lease analysis and comparison application

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