Announcing MVP+ Offer To REALTORS®

NAR members!  Announcing the latest offer from NAR’s Member Value Plus program!

Comment Here At The Source, Earn Valuable Research

REALTORS®, leave a comment on the Source, NAR Commercial’s commercial real estate blog from December 1-15. Comments on the blog will earn you “New Foundations in an Uncertain World” Research product, a joint study between Deloitte, the Real Estate Research Corporation and the National Association of REALTORS®. Learn how the relative safety of the commercial real estate investment is even more attractive to investors in today’s market.

How It Works

Upon posting your comment on the blog, you’ll receive an email within 48 hours with information on how you can download the “New Foundations in an Uncertain World” publication for free! Just click the “Comment” link on any The Source blog post to get started.

Only comments posted between December 1 and December 15, 2012 will be eligible for this offer. Only U.S. members of the National Association of REALTORS® are eligible to receive this offer. Must have full name (as registered to NRDS id) and e-mail address for comment to be eligible for the offer.

Join The Conversation, Earn Rewards

Deloitte’s work in commercial real estate research is known the world over (download their Top Issues In 2013 CRE outlook here).  A joint study from Deloitte, NAR and the venerable Real Estate Research Corporation is, if I may say so myself, a heck of premium offer for leaving a blog comment.  So join the conversation!



01. December 2012 by Wayne Grohl
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Comments (155)

  1. Wow! What a great idea to promote member engagement!

  2. The MVP+ offer is a good incentive to promote the utilization of the tools we already have as a member of NAR. I hope the web site “” can list all the commercial properties for sale and lease. One way to promote the web site is to provide some valuable information about any commercial properties in the nation as the RPR does for residential properties. Some useful resources for commercial properties can be investment analysis, rent rate and any local information to help due diligence. The other way is to download all the commercial listing from each individual MLS.
    -Myong “Charlie” Cynn

  3. I’m a new Agent and excited to learn all that I can. Thank you for bringing relavent, valuable content for us to read!

  4. This is a Great Source for anyone involved in the Commercial field and Real Estate in general. Keep up the good work!

  5. NAR always provides great resources and incentives for Realtors to get more involved. Also NAR lobbiest on the behalf the people and helps to make the economy better for all.

  6. This sounds like a great tool for someone like me who is just starting out in the commercial world!

  7. It looks like REALTORS® and real estate professionals might have a new tool – NAR Commercial’s commercial real estate blog.
    I am interested to see information about relative safety of commercial real estate investment in today’s market.

  8. We think commercial as well as residential real estate will be improving in 2013. That is if the sun doesn’t go supernova.

  9. I have been looking for a good real estate commercial website which I just find out about it and it appears this is the place to start looking for your commercial needs with useful information.

  10. Thanks NAR for always providing such great resources for REALTORS® , this is great!

  11. I came from a corporate background where we believe in investing in our associates. NAR is doing a stellar job of making information available to their associates! Thanks for the great resources!

  12. I am glad this blog is here and will be checking back often to read the posts. Thanks for sharing the good news!

  13. I am looking forward to learning more about the commercial RE world in 2013.

  14. More information is a good thing. I hope that there will be information not only about sales trends but also leasing, rates and concessions.

  15. I think NAR has hit another home run with this idea. I look forward to participating in the future.

  16. Thanks for giving such great resources for Realtors who are just starting, tools that we can use and also the savings that we can get by dealing with companies who gives great discounts

  17. Thank you, NAR for yet another way to provide needed education and resources to it’s members. I continually seek ways to improve my value to clients. I appreciate being given information to build my skills. Understanding the commercial market in addition to the residential market is an excellent addition to my tool belt!

  18. Way to go NAR. Thanks for your connections and efforts.

  19. Thank you NAR for the many benefits you provide. This is a valuable resource for my commercially minded clients.

  20. Thanks NAR for a great blog and a great research department.

  21. I am a new agent and I am really pleased that I have a site to turn to for commercial real estate information.

  22. This is a really good commercial resource, I am glad it was brought to my attention.

  23. Thanks for providing such a valuable resource!

  24. I, for one am glad this blog is here. I read it often and find it very informative. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  25. Thank you NAR for the initiative to get Realtors involved. Even though not all of us work commercial real estate it is always good to know what is happening in your area.

  26. Sounds like valuable information. I did not know about this blog and it looks like it will be beneficial.

  27. Thanks NAR for all the great benefits you provide for Realtors!

  28. I look forward to following the issues that will arise this next year for commercial real estate.

  29. This is fantastic! I just got my license and I’m so excited to learn as much as I can. Thank you!!

  30. In scrolling down to other articles in the email that prompted me to this blog, I found the information valuable and interesting. I appreciate your efforts in keeping us informed and educated. I believe knowledge is a major key to our success, thank you.

  31. This is a nice tool for Realtors.

  32. Like the format, great for keeping tabs on the latest in industry trends.

  33. Great idea. I hope there will be some information on commercial property management.

  34. Foundations in an uncertain world sounds like a perfect tool to help our clients in making important decisions during the next couple years. I am looking forward to seeing exactly what direction it gives.

  35. I am anxious to recieve this information. As we continue to see big shifts in our commercial markets, updated information is critical for us. Thank you.

  36. It’s always nice to have additional sources of information when working with commercial clients.

  37. Super idea! We all like free rewards!

  38. Excellent source for information and a great way to encourage participation!

  39. Good source of information. It is good to have the macro view, but remember- all real estate is local.

  40. Good info. Please send report.

  41. The site looks great. Question for readers, does anyone have a really good way to find clear commercial comps like we can get on the MLS for residential sales?

  42. Rewards for action — now I’m thinking about how to best apply in my business. Thank you!

  43. Fabulous ideas to further communication and involvement with each other.

  44. Look forward to reading the report.

  45. Lots of information and good articles. I’ll check the site more often. Thanks for sending the link.

  46. I think offering these MVP rewards is a great way to get us to learn about the MANY offerings that our NAR has for us. I missed the convention this year…I try to get there every other year…so it is important that I log on periodically to see what NAR is doing . Thanks for the extra push to do this!

  47. This is great information. I have been approached by some commercial clients, so I’m interested in learning as much as I can about the commercial real estate world.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. I had one opportunity to work in commercial this year with a well-heeled investor from Michigan, looking for a A+ Condo Community in our market.
    After finding something the buyer was interested in, I called the listing broker, only to be told that they would not work with me because they double-end all of their own listings, and would I be interested in a referral fee?
    This was a 5.5mil deal and would I be interested in a REFERRAL FEE??
    I did all the homework and packaged this property with a a 10 year rate of return conditioned for inflation, income and expense projections. What is it, my breath?

  49. There’s always a great new tool on

  50. Great way to get me involvement form NAR’s commercial real estate members

  51. Looking forward to seeing more traffic at The Source site after this MVP+

  52. Great idea to generate more traffic to The
    Source blog…Realtors LOVE giveaways! Keep up the great work.

  53. Commercial Source is a great resource to share with your clients.

  54. Looking forward to learning more this year.

  55. What a great way to get REALTORS more involved and talking with each other. These new ideas will only make us stronger as we are faced with some difficult times ahead with talks of closing loopholes like the mortgage interest deduction. Hopefully we can stop any change in the Mortgage Interest deduction.

  56. I am a new agent and this sounds like excellent material. I look forward to reading the report and checking out the blog in the future.

  57. I love the information that I am seeing on this website. Very pertinent and useful for a new agent like myself. Thanks!

  58. What a great resource to share with my investor clients and to help me keep abreast of what is happening in all market segments.

  59. Thank you for the opportunity to learm more. There is great content here.

  60. Great information which will help me with my investor clients! I look forward to your future post!

  61. Don’t forget to check with RPR as the data links expand and let’s look forward to richer data becoming available for all properties that may interest our customers.

  62. Great idea to get agents to subscribe. Keep sharing the data!

  63. Another great NAR benefit for us. It would appear that the commercial real estate sector is worse off than the residential sector. The lack of serious work by the White House in not presenting realistic proposals to the rest of Capitol Hill is really dangerous for the nation.

  64. Looking forward to this report. It will enhance services provided by NAR. I hope that the commerical side of the RPR will be as meaingful as the residential side. I am an appraiser and data is golden. I also do Tax Appeals, and in the RPR, I can make a decision quickly if I can help a tax payer.

    Sharon LeVeque

  65. I am excited to get a copy of the content.

    Thanks again!

  66. I think this is a great way to engage realtors in knowing what resources are available for us to utilize.

  67. Great information and benefit from NAR to the Commercial Real Estate practitioners. Thanks and very glad to participate on this blog. Looking forward to receive this report. So that we can position ourselves with new marketing and strategic planning for our business plan of 2013. I am in Chicago and hope to connect with those from major cities to help with my foreign investors.

  68. Great informational blog. This is another great service provided by NAR. We can all do our part to make it even more valuable by posting relevant comments.

  69. What a great Blog I will be visiting here often to better inform all of my clients.
    Thank you!

  70. Finally, a Blog that can benefit us all. Now all we have to do is be sure the WebMaster can fix the problems to allow more folks to get here for everyone’s benefit.

  71. I didn’t know this blog existed. Now I’ll spend sometime going through the site. Look forward to the information. Thanks!

  72. I am happy to hear that NAR provides reports like these from top consulting firms like Deloitte. As someone who is strongly interested in the economy, I am looking forward to reading the contents of the report to better help my clients. Thank you!

  73. Nice to know there is another resource out there for us… Now find me another 24 hours in the day so I can keep up 😉

  74. Wow, good to see that the MVP program is working. I didn’t know this was here and now I’ve subscribed…

  75. Thank you NAR for continuing to provide great member tools.

  76. Thanks for the opportunity to to expand my knowledge base with timely information.

  77. I am happy to see the new perks. This info is good to have and it keeps us at the front with new information.

  78. Seems like a great opportunity to get some valuable information!

  79. Thanks for the reward! What a great resource to gain from. Membership certainly has its benefits.

  80. Great information, ideas and incentives for all agents. Thanks for keeping us informed so we can better serve the public.

  81. This is such a Great Source for anyone involved in the Commercial field and Real Estate in general. Glad to see new ideas & new information too!

  82. Thanks for the value-added content – it makes a great difference to our commercial members!

  83. This is a grand offer that not only encourages involvement but also contributes the the general level of education and professionalism. Both are good things individually and collectively as we raise the standards of expectation of the public and increase the value we provide.

  84. Up-to-date information is key to making informed investement decisions. Thank you for this resource!

  85. Thanks for making this program available. It was just the incentive I needed to click through to the blog. Great resource!

  86. Great way to gain exposure to all the resources the NAR has to offer.

  87. Excellent! My winter project is to learn more about commercial real estate. Thanks NAR!

  88. Looking forward to an interesting source for commercial real estate information.

  89. Just learned NAR is 100 years old – been providing this kind of support for over a century – what a resource!!

  90. I would love to learn more about commercial real estate and I think this blog is a great place to start!

  91. Great information! Keep up the good work!

  92. A great commercial resource by NAR with current and relevant news. Thank you!

  93. Although different expertise may be required in residential and commercial real estate, the Realtors code of ethics can inspire professional confidence in clients.

  94. If you haven’t downloaded/read the research report associated with this article, “Commercial Real Estate Outlook: Top Ten Issues in 2013”, you may want to check it out. It has lots of good information that goes beyond the title (“commercial real estate”); there is plenty there for residential REALTORS as well.

  95. Wow, What a great idea to get everyone involved.

  96. I am a young entrepreneur that has had an active Real Estate License since I was 18 years old. 15 years now. I’ve taken to building residential homes as my passion. I love too acquire land, draw the home, and market the home. I treasure both of my licenses and truly have a passion for the United States real estate. I am beginning to feel the desire to become more involved at a higher level, and am working on obtaining more education than I currently have (much of it from experience). I would like to start an initiative that requires an elevated level of commitment and education prior to being allowed to practice. I think that there need to be mandates put into place by the N.A.R., and then by each state, but which will weed out those agents that aren’t ready or committed. Mistakes will always be made; however, not near as many will be made if “Career” REALTORS (R) are the only ones practicing.

  97. Great idea to get people involved.

  98. Great resource. Happy to have the support of NAR.

  99. I want to learn all about commercial, so this would be a great starting place.

  100. Thanks for the opportunity to get the download. Sometimes small efforts reap large rewards …

  101. I would like to thank Moe Veissi NAR President for caring about our humanity during the hurricanes. It shows that people in the corporate world are just people like you and I and are able to set aside the business for a moment to care of others. Thank you Moe for the initiating the request through NAR on donations for the recent hurricanes. Blessings.

  102. Thanks NAR for the added benefit of timeley information.

  103. Thank you NAR for MVP. Really appreciate getting something back. Great way to encourage Realtors to stay up to date on current events.

  104. I truly hope NAR does a lot more to engage the commercial side of this business.

  105. This such a great way to get Realtors involved in the most up to date information that’s available. Incentives like these helps to keep me focused on keeping my knowledge current.

  106. I am a relatively new residential agent and had not given much thought to the commercial side of real estate. I explored this blog because of the MVP+ program and downloaded the Deloitte’s “Commercial Real Estate Outlook: Top Ten Issues in 2013.” Many of the thoughts apply to any business including doing planning for our own real estate agency. Also, as the report pointed out, residential real estate is “emerging as an alternate asset class” for CRE.

  107. Good articles through out blog, and great idea, to spur on REALTOR interaction

  108. Very excited to learn more about commercial real estate! And this is a great source to use!

  109. Thanks for the opportunity to expand my knowledge base with regular and timely information.

  110. I am a new agent and am excited to have all the tools available to get ahead start in the industry so a big thank you.

  111. Just leaving a comment so I can get the download.

  112. Very informative and useful resource!

  113. Interaction with like-minded individuals is an excellent foundation for increasing personal knowledge. This is outstanding!

  114. Excellent idea to keep your site on our radar screens.

  115. Give MVP a try and see if it works for me. Thank you.

  116. Excellent information. I am very glad to find this site.

  117. super excited to get started, works for me

  118. In our market area, commercial lagged behind residential when real estate imploded. Conversely, while residential real estate is recovering commercial is lagging behind once again.

  119. Thank you, this is a great way to stay informed.

  120. As a commercial appraiser, these research tools are very valuable. Thanks for making them available.

  121. I am very excited about reading relevant source concerning commercial real estate. Thank you for sharing the report.

  122. This is a great idea, I’m looking forward to this playing out.

  123. I didn’t know about the RRF. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be checking back and reading more of this blog.

  124. Great idea to get people engaged and learn about the news articles.

  125. Thanks for the extra benefit and the knowledge. I am in the profession for 30 years and our ever changing industry is a marvel.

  126. great idea

  127. Looking forward to all the great content that NAr is know for!

  128. Really good idea, it caused me to break from my biz-e-ness. Merry Christmas to all.

  129. Education . . . as natural as breathing, ever present in our every day lives. Tools to help enrich our lives, personal and professional, are always welcome. Looking forward to download of “New Foundations in an Uncertain World” — very relevant in today’s market.

  130. This is just another example of how belonging to the Realtor association benefits us as individuals. Thank You NAR!

  131. I am a new agent and love all the help that this site provides me with these little extras. Thank you for bringing relavent, valuable content for us to read! And thank you for this opportunity you are providing.

  132. I like this new program and I will be participating in it. I don’t mind completing actions for rewards. Great rewards.

  133. I like this new program and I will be participating in it. I don’t mind completing actions for rewards. Great rewards.

  134. Sharing up to date ideas is a great idea. I hope this gives commercial real estate input to NAR resources like we have never had before.

  135. Great idea. I will check back frequently.

  136. MVP and the blog are an excellent resource for continued learning.

  137. A great resource tool – looking forward to
    getting new information and updates!

  138. Thank you for continue to add more value for Realtors.

  139. I am very interested in learning about the commercial piece of our business. Thank you for the opportunity to start the learning process for free!

  140. Looking forward to any tools that can be put to use. Thanks for the great incentive!

  141. I loved the variety of blogs to comment on in this section. Sometimes I feel like there are so many sites and blogs that “look” connected to our industry but are all fluff and don’t have meat to their content.
    I look forward in coming back and reading more of these blogs.
    Thank you!

  142. Commercial Real Estate is a specialty & as a 28+ year Commercial Real Estate Broker in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX I look forward to more commercial content, research & support from NAR. a JOBS site would be great – NEW Agent positions are available at many commercial firms with on the job training yet few candidates are out there. Thank you for all you do!

  143. I am looking forward to reading, “New Foundations in an Uncertain World.” Thanks for offering it!

  144. This is a great source of information to all Realtors both commercial and residential. This is now being added to my favorites list on both my phone and my laptop.

  145. I’m excited and can’t wait to see the information I can draw from on Commercial Real Estate in 2013

  146. I look forward to reading the ideas within the New foundation in an Uncertain World. Of course the future is uncertain, though I respect those who have the uncanny ability to make an educated guess as to what to expect.

  147. Very informative and useful resource!

  148. Great promotion. Thanks for the download.

  149. What a fun and interesting way to get agents educated and involved with NAR, with every MVP offer I’m learning more about all that NAR has to offer. Thank You

  150. I am seeing the differences in Springfield, Illinois. Real estate is doing awesome if the economy is doing great. Thanks for sharing this information.

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