It feels like everywhere you look on Valentine’s Day you see the color red.

Working for NAR Commercial, we see the color red everyday (where, for one instance seeing red is a good thing!)  At the National Association of REALTORS®,,  the REALTOR “R” is branded in two colors – blue for residential and red for commercial.  This  co-branding means many things but most importantly it recognizes that at NAR, commercial stands alongside residential in communities around the world as a vital partner in the economy, advocating for real estate issues and supporting a professionalism in the industry that is equal to none.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the love.  If you’re a REALTOR ®, post a comment here about what you love about commercial real estate and we will send you a red REALTOR® pin to wear proudly and show the love every day.

Haven’t joined NAR yet?  Send us an email at inquiring about what it means to be a REALTOR® and the benefits of membership.   We’ll send you a digi-clean pad (for your tablets and laptops) so you can feel the love every day too!

14. February 2011 by Wayne Grohl
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Comments (3)

  1. I have been in real estate for over 30 years. I love helping someone buy an investment or a home. Then I get paid for helping. It is great…

  2. I’ve been a commercial broker for 26 years and find that the profession presents an unending variety of challenges and opportunities that make each day an exciting new experience. The emphasis on professionalism and thorough analysis while minimizing emotionalism in commercial RE activity are very satisfying aspects of this occuptation. I am pleased to see NAR giving more attention to CRE practicioners.

  3. Commercial real estate is the the backbone of businesses in the USA. Location, location, location. Thanks for leading us REALTORS to the commercial stage.

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